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Breckenridge Lucky U IPA

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India Pale Ale
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Breckenridge Colorado

With the winter of 2012 turning into a winter without snow, I decided to turn to Breckenridge Brewery for a taste of a winter wonderland, via their Lucky U IPA.

It pours a dark copper, almost red clay color. This beer is bottled unfiltered, resulting a cloudy, hazy beer with a little sediment in the bottle. Given that they are shipping it to the Boston area from Colorado, unfiltered is probably the best way to preserve freshness.

My Lucky U didn't pour with much head, but a swirl of the glass stirred up a creamy foam head as it doesn't lack for carbonation. The aroma has hints of pine, with earthiness and a slight bread notes, but is a little lacking in traditional IPA nose. There are 7 types of hops - Amarillo, Magnum, Perle, Cascade, Apollo, Fuggle, and Goldings - which creates a blended bitterness that is neither fruity/acidic, nor earthy/perfumy.

With a taste, however, the hops come through strong and dominate the overall flavor. This beer is full bodied, with a touch of caramel sweetness and lots of rich malt flavor. The Caramel, Munich and Carapils malts give enough complex sugars to retain sweet notes in a beer with 6% ABV. The finish is balanced and clean, not too dry and imminently drinkable. Lucky U is a well-executed IPA - a strong beer from a craft beer pioneer.


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