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Goose Island India Pale Ale

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English-Style India Pale Ale
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Chicago, IL

My fridge is starting to get a little cramped, as I'm accumulating a collection of beers to review. As I was just in Chicago a few weeks ago for Drupalcon Chicago, I'll start with a Chicago favorite - Goose Island India Pale Ale.

Goose Island is one of Chicago's oldest craft breweries, they've been wining awards at the Great American Beer Festival since 1989. Their India Pale Ale is golden in color, with a cloudy haze that is probably both from the protein and a result of the distance its traveled to the Boston area. The nose is floral and aromatic, with touches of pine and a little fruity with Cascade notes.

The first taste is a big hop bite - all pine and chewy hop oil, from the Centennial hops. They use a combo of English and American hops - likely to balance the bright aroma with some spicy, oily flavors to give it a long, bitter finish. The body is pretty full, with noticeable malt and alcohol notes, but it finishes dry and surprisingly clean.

Its an English Pale Ale with a definitive American spirit.


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