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Sam Adams Noble Pils

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Bohemian-Style Pilsener
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Boston, MA

Another great looking beer, every pilsner lager should aspire to this color. A perfect pour with no haze. The aroma is subtle - sweet notes with mild perfume, floral notes from the european hops. Over the past year, I've had enough Sam Adams Noble Pils to notice subtle grassy, almost skunky notes at times. The combination of noble hops and exclusively pale malts make this almost a naked beer - there's almost nothing to hide potential pilsner off-flavors.

The delicacy of the nose hides the big hop flavor that come through when you taste this Pilsner - it grabs you right from the start with big hop flavor. Lots of spicy Saaz, Hallertau, and other noble hop varieties. The malt body is crisp and clean, accentuating the hop bite without getting in the way. It finishes very dry, with some lingering bitterness.

Along with Sierra Nevada's Glissade Spring Bock, this is a good session beer - meant to be enjoyed in bunches. Its interesting to watch talented brewers brew great session beers. The world needs more Guinness's and fewer Imperial IPA's - but that's just my 2 cents.



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